From Paseo to Pembroke is a documentary retrospective on the golden age of high school basketball in Kansas City. From '88 to '98—from the Dotte all the way to Raytown. Told by the era's premier coaches, players, and media personalities.


Feature Sports Documentary - USA - 94 minutes - 2021


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Directors: Carrington Harrison & Taye Taye
Executive Producer: Carrington Harrison
Associate Producer: Taye Taye & Shakhalil Benbow


Camera Operators: Shakhalil Benbow, Mark Davis, Jamel Malone
Drone Operators: James Lampone, Justin Parrish
Lead Editor: Taye Taye
Editors: Shakhalil Benbow, Chris Collins
Audio Engineer: Jaz Brewer-64111 Studio
Original Music: Jestone Music, Dominique Sanders
Animator: Shazin Muhammad

Special Events Coordinator: LeAndrea Harden

Special Contributors: Shawn Beldin, Aaron Bond, John Crumley, Jasmyn Franks, Len Jennings, Harold Kuntz, Eric Stamps, Megan Strickland, Mark Titus, Steve Walls,Brandon Williams
Thank You: Ian Anderson, Beletu Desta, Shawn Edwards, Justin Hurtt, Daniel Hurtt, Kerry Rounds, Damon Smith, Beth Taye, Jeremy Yon, Kansas City Public Schools, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools
Special Thanks To: A to Z Video, Chappell's Restaurant & Sports Museum, Lights On KC, Spectrum Sports, Titus Video, Up Down KC, Visit KC


“Witness at Tornillo” follows 66-year-old Josh Rubin, an activist who has become a fixture of the #FamiliesBelongTogether protests. He helped draw national attention to the Tornillo internment camp for children, moving on from there after it closed to a similar detention facility in Homestead, Florida. Rubin says witnessing -- the "subversive act of seeing" -- is a key form of protest. “Witness At Tornillo” is the story of individual action against injustice by encouraging those involved in running the detention facilities to examine their own actions and ethics.


“This film is an important part of a larger story of struggle on the southern border,” said Shane Franklin, of Springfield, Mo., the film’s director. “I hope it raises important questions and demonstrates that individuals can make a difference.”


“Josh's indomitable witness at Tornillo was the decisive factor which galvanized the combination of local and national organizing that led to the closing of the child detention facility there, and inspired equivalent efforts at Homestead,” said Camilo Antonio Perez Bustillo, former Director of Research & Advocacy at the Hope Border Institute.


Copyright 2019 by Carbon Trace Productions


Feature Documentary - USA - 62 minutes - 2020


Director: Shane Franklin

Executive Producer: Dr. Andrew R. Cline

Producers: Shannon Cay and Shane Franklin

Director of Photography: Taye Taye

Camera Operators: Dr. Andrew R. Cline, Taye Taye, and Shane Franklin

First Editor: Taye Taye

Second Editor: Dr. Andrew R. Cline

Sound Editor: Matt Foster